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Souq - A music market, we aim to offer a wide variety of quality music services.

We operate as a small independent company.  This allows us to concentrate our skills and experience on each job to great effect. This also allows for direct, easy communication and the ability to work closely with our clients on projects, enabling us to produce high-quality tailored audio.

As a team we are pedantic and motivated, taking care to trial ideas with our clients to ensure we create exactly what they are looking for.

Our talents include sound design, music composition, extensive music software knowledge, dubbing & mixing, field recording, foley creation and more.


We are a small team however if you feel you have something to give and would like to get involved with us please feel free to contact us.


Our Core Team


     Kyle Roberts


Artistic Director. Composition/Production/Mastering/Sound Design. 

For our namesake, Kyle grew up in Dubai to great frustration by the lack of music scene! He moved to the UK and studied Creative Music Technology at Bath Spa University where he developed a keen interest and great skills in not only sonic manipulation but also visual media.
He can often be found in the festival season stage managing, this has included the Bloc Festival RFID .

He also produces and plays out various genres of dance music under the moniker 'Ricorb' to great acclaim!


Favorite Tools - iMac Macbook Pro Maudio 410 KRK Rokt 6’s KRK 10’ Sub Roland X50 Cubase Ableton. Anything that makes a noise.


Contact Kyle directly - kyle at souqstudios.com



     Rubin Sutton


Managing Director. Audio Recording/Foley/Composition. 

Rubin is experienced with diverse audio projects including installation art, theatre and music production. Rubin would rather create every sound from scratch and canoften be found agonosing far past bed time on minor details.
Also with previous professions inlcuding working for Patent firms and accountancy work, Rubin deals with new business and making sure each job is carried out efficiently.


 Essential Tools - Macbook Pro, Yamaha Poketrak W24, Fostex PM-1 Monitors, Walden Acoustic Guitar, Logic Pro, Wacom Tablet.


Contact Rubin directly - rubin at souqstudios.com



     Sam Kanji


Creative Media Director. Composition/Production/Game Music. 

Sam is a highly experienced dance music producer and International DJ, with prior experience in mobile game music and all while running his own net label (Mutant Bass Records).


 Essential Tools - Macbook Pro, Ableton, Logic.


Contact Sam directly - sam at souqstudios.com