Welcome to your studio

... built from the ground up with acoustics in mind,
packed with high quality equipment and industry standard software ...

Studio Setup

Featuring a huge 34 inch LG Ultra Wide Monitor
Secondary monitor
Philips Hue lighting system
Wacom Tablet interface (our favourite way to produce)
5 Gigs of personal SSD storage space
Logic Pro X
Ableton Studio 9
Komplete Kontakt
Waves Plugins
Sonnox Mastering Plugins
... and much more

Equipment List

Equator D8 Monitors

8 inch coaxial cone design
Pin point accuracy

SPL Crimson Audio Interface

High Quality Interface and Monitor Controller
A whole host of features, ins and outs

Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO Headphones

250 OHM High Fidelity
Excellent Referencing Qualities

Keyboard with Editorkeys Cover

All the Logic Pro shortcuts!
(and waterproof too)

SE 2200A Microphone

Industry standard Condenser Microphone

Ring Surveillance System

Our studio is protected and so is your data...
however we recommend you take a back up with you just in case ;)

7.1 Surround Sound

We have a full array of surround sound points in situ